If You Could Only See One Band... A Jazz Fest Guide to Day 3: Sunday, April 29, 2018

If You Could Only See One Band...

Sunday,  April 28, 2018

At Jazzfest . . . You have two chances.  Socks In the Frying Pan of Ireland!

You can see them at The Sheraton New Orleans on the Fais Do-Do Stage @1:45p-2:45p or at The Cultural Exchange Pavilion Nola 300 @4:45-5:45p

What caught my eye about Sunday’s line up was well . . . not much. Except one band. Socks in the Frying Pan from Ireland. And, they are playing twice. Twice in one day. What’s up with that.

Of course, full disclosure,  I have socks on the brain. Rock ‘em Sock ‘em (1125 Decatur Street) is the new and improved version of Funrock’n – still fun but “socked” full of goodies. Yes, hundreds of socks.  Yet I digress.

So, back to Socks in the Frying Pan. I needed to know who this band is and  what the band name meant. Remember, socks on the brain and what I found out puts my faith in the decision makers at Jazzfest. It seems deep in the core of the mission Jazzfest is committed to dig deep and keep bringing the world’s finest musicians to New Orleans. And, these guys fit the bill.

It seems Socks in the Frying pan is one of the best Irish bands in the world. They are straight outta County Claire Ireland. Ground zero for Irish music.

Shane Hayes, Fiachra Hayes and Aodan Coyne are the gentlemen keeping traditional Irish music alive and well, hip and cool. Irish rockstars and culture bearers if you will. And, we here in New Orleans relate very well to both of those monikers.

Irish influence in New Orleans runs deep. You would be curious to know that the Irish built New Orleans and at one time, the Irish population of New Orleans surpassed the Irish population of  New York City. Think about the Irish Channel and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Irish Channel that rivals the best Mardi Gras parade. Both the Uptown and Downtown Irish clubs walk ahead of the parades and keep the Irish traditions alive. Some say our unique New Orleans accent is due to the Irish population and influence.

And, some other fun Irish connections here in New Orleans. Hey “Socks”, you’ll be delighted to know how Irish we actually are here in NOLA.

Hibernia bank (now Capital One ), locally owned from 1870 – 2005, was named Hibernia, an old term for Ireland. Irish Architects, James Gallier, Sr & Jr. designed and built Gallier Hall, New Orleans’ original City hall. The first US statue to honor a women sits at the corner of Prytania and Camp street honoring Margaret Haughery, a poor Irish immigrant who prospered in NOLA as a business woman gained notoriety as a local philanthropist.

And, of course, Nola’s Irish Pub Culture: Parasol’s Fahy’s, The Kerry, Tracey’s and Pat O’Brien’s.

So welcome to your second home here in New Orleans. I’m dancing a little jig in your honor. And, I absolutely adore your version of Rollin’ in My Sweet Baby’s Arms. Shady Grove is literally a “knock your socks off” tome. There’s more . . .two sets. Plan for both.

You have two chances to catch Socks at The Fest. These guys are worthy of a warm New Orleans welcome.  It’s like a homecoming of sorts – for all of us.

I still don’t know what their name means. For all I know it’s the Irish cultural equivalent of sautéed kale and mashed potatoes. Yeah, that’s a real Irish dish and its fantastic – just like the Socks.

Hey, maybe they’ll stop by the shop and answer my burning question. Or maybe I’ll ask them at the Fest. See ya there!

Back to the first Sunday of Jazziest 2018...

I mean of course the lineup for the day is fantastic.  I love Jimmy Buffet. He’s America’s storyteller. And, David Bryne the icon. And, there’s Irma Thomas in all her Grammy glory.  Meschiya Lake giving the love to Sweet Emma (Barrett). Doug Kershaw, Treme Brass Band celebrating Fats Domino, Big Chief Monk Boudreux, Sweet Crude and more.